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The NEW Hylite LUX2 Low Energy Lantern

March 15th, 2012

Hylite Low Energy Lantern

The all-in-one Dusk till Dawn CFL Security & Courtesy Light

Spring 2012 sees the launch of the Hylite LUX2 Low Energy Dusk till Dawn security & courtesy lantern with built-in PIR.

The lantern is a revolutionary development in low-energy lighting with a dedicated CFL driver giving a smooth start-up for Dusk till Dawn lighting, in even the coldest conditions. Once the lantern has struck, it gently powers down to a low-level courtesy light, consuming just 6W of electricity.

However, the unique LUX2 technology boosts the CFL up to its full 18W power level in less than a second, when the built-in PIR detects movement, enabling the lantern to provide immediate security lighting without the time delay usually associated with low energy CFLs reaching full brightness.

In addition, the dedicated CFL driver extends lamp life to up to 10,000 hours, minimising the requirement for maintenance throughout the lantern’s life.