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Hylite Ecoheating

ECOHEATER Tube Heaters

ECOHEATER Tube Heaters are one of the most energy efficient ways of providing low-cost ambient heating and frost protection, whatever the conditions.

Available in lengths from 1ft to 6ft, the heaters are ideal for providing gentle heat and preventing dampness, condensation and freezing in a wide range of environments including built-in wardrobes, conservatories, sheds, garages, caravans and mobile homes, boats, shop windows and portable buildings.

The heaters are economical to run using around 25% less electricity than other tube heaters and their weatherproof IP55 rating makes them ideal for use in areas and environments where water could come into contact with the heater.

All heaters are supplied ready to use – with wall brackets and pre-wired with 1m cable, ready to run on a standard 240V mains power supply and are fully CE certified – and BS EN 60335/1:2002 compliant.

Please note: When the heater is switched on for the first time, small wisps of smoke may drift from the heater. This is a perfectly normal part of the first time operating procedure and should cease after the heater has been operating for approximately 5 minutes.


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