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The Solon range features a small selection of highly realistic dummy CCTV cameras, home alarms and accessories for use with other F4 ranges.

SOLON Dummy CCTV Cameras

A range of highly realistic dummy cameras, designed to simulate real CCTV cameras to protect property and deter criminal and anti-social behaviour. Most of the dummy cameras feature flashing lights to add to their realism, and accurately simulate real CCTV activity.    

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SOLON Home Alarms

Solon PIR home alarms are small, battery operated alarms for use around the home or workplace, operating through PIR detection. Alarms all have powerful built-in sirens, are easy to install and operate and are supplied complete with batteries.

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Solon Accessories

Hygrometer/Thermometer A convenient table or wall mountable unit that allows quick and easy monitoring of humidity and temperature in the immediate environment. The dual display shows actual and optimal readings for both measurements, clearly highlighting unsuitable conditions, which may require remedial action.   Defender 24 Hour Segment Timer A reliable plug-in timer for switching lights […]

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