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A top quality full colour wireless CCTV system featuring a high quality 10.1 inch LCD monitor with built-in 1TB HDD DVR and supplied with a wireless 720p HD IP66 camera, for indoor or outdoor use.

The system can be set up quickly, only requiring a mains power supply for the monitor/recorder and the camera(s) to get started, The wireless system is highly flexible, with a range of 30-50 metres between recorder and camera (dependent on wall thickness and construction).

The camera is supplied with a weatherproof cable, mounting bracket and a 10m extension cable for maximum flexibility. Up to 4 cameras can be used with the system (additional cameras are sold separately), which can show the feed from one camera at a time or all cameras together on the high definition screen.

The kit can also be connected to a router to allow the cameras to be accessed via iOS or Android mobile devices.