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RED SHIELD Wireless Home Alarm

Easy to install, remote controlled, alarm system suitable for home or commercial properties. Battery powered and wirelessly controlled, the alarm requires no wiring into the mains and can be expanded with additional components.


The system has 3 operational modes:

Arm – where intruder detection activates a delay and countdown before siren activation

Home – where intruder detection activates instant siren activation (no countdown)

Panic – where siren is activated when Panic buttons are pressed on the remote – whether the alarm is set or not.


When the alarm is activated the 120dB bell box siren will sound along with flashing blue strobe LEDs to attract attention.

Up to two year battery life, batteries all included.

4 x D batteries (bell box)

1 x CR123A battery (PIR)

2 x AAA batteries (sensor)

2 x 12V batteries (remotes)