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NEW Compact Apollo Wireless CCTV Kit – high quality CCTV recording and monitoring with built-in HD colour monitor and Smart phone accessibility

January 22nd, 2018

The Apollo CCTV system features a high quality 10.1” HD monitor with a built-in HDD DVR to provide  recording and monitoring with just a single power cable and without the cost of a separate monitor.

The system also includes a mouse and high quality 720p IP66 rated wireless HD outdoor camera with a 10m extension for the power cable.

The system can be set up in minutes as the outdoor wireless camera automatically links to the monitor/DVR, and the screen can show images from up to 4 cameras at a time, or a single image from a single camera. Using one camera the Apollo’s 1TB DVR can record a full month of evidential quality CCTV video before it starts overwriting.

Linking the system to a router (by cable) also allows mobile viewing through iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, using a free app.