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Mightylite – now delivering you EVEN MORE LIGHT, EVEN MORE POWER with EVEN MORE OPTIONS!

August 11th, 2015

The Mightylite floodlight collection has been increased to span 7 varieties with 4 power options. The floodlight is now available in 16W (1300 lumen), 28W (2300 lumen), 36W (3000 lumen) and a 50W unit which delivers an impressive 4000 lumens of light.

In addition, the Mightylite range with built-in PIR now comprises the 16W, 28W and 36W versions, with the same market-leading light output levels.

All 36W and 50W models now come with the added flexibility of a mounting bracket which allows mounting for uplighting or downlighting positions. PIR and non-PIR Mightylites can also be mixed on the same lighting circuit to offer a full range of  security lighting options.

Mightylite – leading the way in powerful, flexible, security lighting